Dubai as a Golf Destination

The city of Dubai is renowned globally for its mega structures, oil reserves, and tourism industry, but with the passage of time it is making a huge reputation as a golf destination. The sport of golf is all about greenery and one don’t really see Dubai as a green city as it is engulfed by vast deserts. However, the government and rulers have done a great job in not only establishing massive mega structures in the city but also took into consideration all the basic needs of a modern mega city. Dubai is full of parks and playgrounds where all the basic needs are well taken care of. The golf courses in Dubai are state-of-the-art piece of creativity and people not only enjoy the sport over there but also fall in love with the beauty of the surroundings. The golf courses are surrounded by some of the most luxurious and gorgeous buildings and skyscrapers which add to the beauty quotient of these playing facilities. To know more about the best golf courses in Dubai, read on.


In the recent years, Dubai has seen some of the top golf players in the world visiting its golf courses for major golf tournaments. Top professional golf players like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have graced the golf facilities in the past few years. Now the authorities are looking to involve Dubai residents more to be part of the golf action. Another factor that goes in Dubai’s favor is its weather which lets clear skies to welcome golfers from across the world in any time of the year. Especially, the winter season becomes more gorgeous for a sport life golf and players have a ball at the golf facilities. Golf is more popular in western countries than in the Asian nations but the winter weather in Dubai gives players from both sides of the hemisphere level-playing field to exhibit and showcase their golf skills.


Dubai and golf have very much the same reputation. Golf is regarded as the sport of the elite while Dubai is where the elite class exists. This is one of the many reasons why golf is flourishing in the city and continuing the make further inroads. For many in Dubai, a high cost of membership of the golf clubs and the sport’s equipment is not really a burden on their bank balance. However, there are a few challenges that Dubai’s golf authorities must surpass to make it a game of the locals. Dubai is largely a male-dominated society and women are seldom seen representing the country in sports. Involving womenfolk in golf can go a long way in giving Dubai a solid base of players for international competitions. Visi  to know more about the sport of golf and how it can gain more popularity among the Dubai residents.


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