Know All About The Cyprus Investment Program

Cyprus is the third largest and the third most populous island in the Mediterranean. It is an Eastern country and most of the people are Muslims there. In 2018, they have opened their investment program, where people from different country people can gain their citizenship by investment. But people who have investment ideas and money worth of millions, only they are applicable. You can get their citizenship in 6 months or less and the applier must have minimum €2.15 million in Cyprus currency, although they have to meet extra or additional criteria. If you get their investment visa, you will open to 172 countries for free entry visa including Canada and Australia. 

Cyprus is also a well-known country for its study. There are many schools, colleges and universities that teach different courses in English language and it was recorded that people from all around the world go to Cyprus for studying. And if you get nationality of Cyprus then they have access to different European universities and colleges which are 50% off from the regular fee structure. You have to fall in the category of the Cyprus investor visa immigration to be eligible. You can have the whole family there the children have to be 18 years of age and to get admission in universities or colleges the person has to be 28 years of age. If you get the citizenship, you can get €500,000 worth of property including tax. Which means you don’t have to pay extra taxes. 

Another advantage of getting the citizenship is that it is valid for lifetime and if you have children there, the government will pass on the nationality to your children and their children. It means that it is a lifetime investment. The applicant does not have to pay taxes if the applicant only lives there for more than 183 days in one year. The applicant has to have no criminal record from their own country. The applicant has to submit a character certificate which will be attested by the police station and from another government official. If you have a clean record and a good amount of money you can get the Cyprus passport by investment in no time. 

The advantage of having these qualities will also qualify you in getting Dominica citizenship by investment. But for both of these countries, you have to get Schengen valid visa.


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