What is a Sexologist and why you should visit them

Sexologists are experts in sexology. Sexology is the scientific field that with human sexual interests, their sexual behaviour and functions of their genitals. There are medical clinics in Dubai, US and in every country that have sexologist and urologist to solve problems of their sexual interests and functions of genitals. 

Humans are complex. Besides food, clothes and education, they need sex to have a peaceful life. It has a visible impact on the physical, emotional and mental health of humans. Lack of understanding between partners, ego problems, stress, individualistic thinking and work-life balance can create problems in sexual life. However, couples can have pain during sex because of other reasons too and sexologist is the person who can treat those problems. 

Therefore, it is a must for couples to visit sexologist and get solutions. They deal with your problems and issues sensitively. The specialists give you ground to speak freely as they listen to you carefully and quietly to help you out later. There are many reasons to go to the clinic regularly. Some of them are:

  1. Lose control on erection: If a person cannot hold an erection for a time and feel distressed due to it then he should go to the clinic and tell the problem in detail to the specialist to get the solution. Sexologist would prescribe him drugs and injection to relive him. The problem is curable. All they have to do is to go to the specialist and follow their instructions. 
  2. Pain during and after intercourse: If you and your partner have painful intercourse or you feel discomfort after sex then it is important to go to sexologists. Majority of the people have pain during or after sex because they have an infection, lesions or ulcers in genitals. The problem is curable but patients are required to follow the instructions of the doctor to have a healthy sex life again.
  3. Size of penis: Some men have a small penis and they do not feel confident to have healthy intercourse with their partners. A sexologist can solve the problem. They prescribe drugs and hormonal treatment. Besides, the experts give sessions to boost confidence and self-esteem so that you would better sex life. 

So these are the main reasons why you should visit the specialist. Although you cannot find the best sexologist in Dubai in every clinic and hospital, the experts are available to treat you. 


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