What Makes a Good Art Tutor?

A good teacher just not only teaches. He inspires every student with his skills, experience and knowledge. A teacher is a person who builds the society by encouraging and motivating the youth. He analyzes every single student in a different way. Just like Albert Einstein once said if you judge a fish by climbing tree it’s totally an act of unwise. A teacher must run the class smoothly with no issues or questions inside students head. He must delivers his words in a meaning full way. It is not only about teaching. A teacher must have traits and attributes of a leader. He must take every student to their own journey. A lot of dedication is required in the field of teaching. Most of the teachers around the world shows their character not just by knowledge but also they are a package of good humor, dedication and wise thinking.

Painting classes for kids or art courses in Abu Dhabi are not a piece of cake. It requires vision, creative thinking, Painting is the most profound branch of arts. So a teacher can’t impose conventional methods of teaching on every student. Every student shares various character. He must analyze closely. He must act friendly around the whole class. He must motivate them to think on the biggest level to achieve more to give their best. He should never pass judgment by which a student gets hurt. He must make them realize in a positive way. Positive criticism is the best key to enhance personalities.

A good tutor will be an emphatic listener. He must listens you closely to find what is your learning need. After the analysis he will give his best. He will observe you and if you are progressing in it means his way of teaching is positive for developing your style. Learning is the best procedure in every field. Everyone should never stop learning. Painting is sensitive field of art it needs a finesse to be a great painter. To be a good tutor it requires to input the factor of self-actualization in students. So they can see the world of arts in a very creative way. Every artist is one of a kind. You can’t copy or replicate someone’s work you need your own inspiration to deliver. A good tutor or mentor delivers that inspiration in you to make you a creative painter. That is how a good tutor works.


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