Tips To Make Your Floral Arrangements More Beautiful

Selecting flowers for your floral arrangement can be very significant and responsible. Since you are supposed to choose those flowers which look very colorful and pleasing to the eyes at the same time, you happen to be going through a wide variety of flowers. But selecting right type of flowers is not the only task that you have to do when it comes to floral arrangements, selecting the right order of arrangement and keeping the flowers bright is also important. You should keep in mind that your floral arrangement should look like a piece of decoration and a present to gift someone, both at the same time. You can hire reliable wedding planners in Dubai that will deliver you the best services of decoration in which floral arrangement is one of the mainly focused elements. Follow these tips to make your corporate flower arrangements more beautiful. 

The first step is to arrange the vase for the flowers. You can arrange different types of vases of select multiple vases of same shape and size. Remember that if you vases are slim and thin from the middle, they will look gorgeous. After arranging the vases, you must keep the vases different from each other by means of their color as if the color of vases is same, the might look very simple. You can arrange matte or glossy colors like aquamarine or maroon and spray them on the vases until you can’t see through. Once you’re done, fill the vases with fresh water that will keep the flowers healthy.

You will need something to hold the flowers in. For that you can use multiple things to balance the flowers such as floral foam, grapevine or the ball made of willow branches. These items will help to bond and hold the flowers in one position for hours. Also when the flowers are standing still, the design of decoration doesn’t look dull unlike the low quality flowers that don’t suit the room. If you’re using floral foam for the flowers, you can dip in water and make holes in it to stick the flowers easily. With this base, your flowers will be arranged properly. 

For the good quality of flowers, always cut the flowers in the day time as the stems of flowers in the day time contain maximum amount of water which helps the flowers to remain fresh for hours. Don’t forget using cold water for the flowers as this will help the flowers to last longer and stay colorful.


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