5 types of Video Productions

The pre and post production, Dubai involves the whole process of making and finalizing the whole video. The process requires considering various aspects such as camera, lighting, schedule, and the actors.
There are various types of videos that deliver unique messages to the audiences and also direct the video production companies to follow the same process as per the requirements and needs of the clients.
For this purpose, many film production companies in Dubai create a different form of online videos to target their audiences.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 5 types of video productions to help you understand the types of videos and how these companies cater to each of them successfully.

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  1. Educational Videos

The educational videos provide help in various learning and teaching concepts. These videos are mostly simple and follow the educational concept to bring in more audiences. They require a good sound and a clear view of the concepts to communicate effectively with the viewers and help them learn about new concepts easily, for instance, online classrooms and how-to training videos.

  1. Informational Videos

Many people compare educational and information videos and think that they both are the same but that’s not true. Informational videos are simple videos that provide quick information or a story without elaborating different concepts for instance, public service announcements and television news.

  1. Promotional Videos

These videos are usually popular as they are made to promote the services of a company and for other marketing purposes. The target audiences mostly include modern viewers that enjoy short-length informative and engaging videos. These videos are also shared on social media platforms and they also offer solutions to the problems, for instance, testimonial videos and explainer videos.

  1. Documentary Films and Videos

These videos are a combination of entertainment and information as they are quite popular and provide observational content on different types of documentaries. They explain certain events and include more genres than any other video productions mentioned above, for instance, poetic documentaries, expository documentaries, participatory documentaries, and many more.

  1. Entertainment Videos

They are quite common too as their main purpose is to provide entertainment to the people. They engage the audiences for a longer time and create a long-lasting impact on them. They also offer a wide variety of entertainment options, for instance, music videos, TV shows, movies, and many other types of entertainment videos.


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