Top Tips to Get Medical Documents Translated

Medical practitioners often communicate with general public, patients, and international colleagues in writing, and to guarantee a successful international communication it is important that they select the most viable way of translating their documents. Here are our tips on ensuring successful communication:

Is the Translation Just for Your Information or Will it be Published?

Do you need to get a healthcare or medical text translated? First things first, you need to consider how you are going to be using your translation. Will you be publishing this information in print or online, or is it just for your information? A cheap or free solution will suffice if you only need the translation to get to the gist of a topic. However, if your translation is going to be published on a more professional level, or to communicate with the public or your colleagues, you need a more viable solution.

Hire a Professional or do it yourself?

Healthcare practitioners in a wide array of countries boast excellent language skills, and are capable of conversing with colleagues and patients in a range of foreign languages. However, translating or writing information for publication is an altogether different matter. If you want to achieve the outcome you aspired for, you need to solicit the help of medical translation services to get the job done for you. If your text is not so critical, you can translate it yourself into a foreign language, and simply get it reviewed by a professional. However, you will only be able to do this if you have mastered command over the language, and the reviewer should be an editor, writer, or a professional medical translator, in addition to being a native speaker of the ‘target’ language.

In addition, when it comes to translating industry-related terminology and jargon, it is important that the reviewer is well versed in the specialist field and has a vast comprehension of the purpose and subject of the text. Don’t be tempted to save a few bucks by asking your colleague’s bilingual daughter or a language student to do the job for you. They might not be able to provide the result you need since they are out of their depth. It is recommended that you read medical books in that language to know more industry-wise technical terms so that you translate them correctly.

However, if your text is more critical, a professional should be hired to have the content translated. This will guarantee that your message gets across to your audience smoothly and accurately.


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