Smart tricks to help you gain effective SMS Marketing

As we all know, mobile phones occupy the center stage in all of our lives and it is practically impossible to get our eyes away from it. Keeping that addiction in mind, mobile marketing was introduced years ago which is still very famous and effective even now in the world of social media. Though there are pros and cons to every marketing strategy but mobile marketing is the one in which you mostly get the benefits out of.

Here are some tips and tricks which will help you in reaping more effective results from all your hard work put into sending out bulk SMS in UAE.

Use call-to-action option

One simple objective of SMS marketing is to keep your customers engaged with you and your company with every SMS that you send out. You want customers to keep interacting with you, asking questions, seeking information and that is why call to action buttons come in handy.

Some of the famous call to action texts are these:

Show this text

This is the best type of interaction as you will get a hands on knowledge about how many people are actually viewing texts instead of knowing it from a software development Dubai company.

Click Here

Now because SMS have a limited number of characters that you can use makes it hard for companies to include all the information in a single one, that is when click here can be used to add links to web pages or share location of a certain event.

Text to Win

This is a fun way to keep the audience engaged as a lot of them would be interested to participate in a lucky draw game which will give you an idea about what kind of audience you are dealing with and if they would like to give it a shot.

Buy Now

These buy now options are the best to get instant sales. When you share a tempting offer and give them a hands on purchase option, a lot of the users go for impulsive buying which proves to be very effective for the online stores.

These are a few tips and tricks that can help you notch up your SMS marketing game and get you and your brand recognized.


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